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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Stress-Free Caregiver website…

Please take a moment to browse the site—knowing my mission is to provide as many options as possible to family caregivers. If you are a member of this elite group, I hope to make your life easier and more stress-free—especially regarding your TIME and your MONEY!

There are only four types of people in the world.
Those that have been caregivers…
Those that are currently caregivers…
Those who will be caregivers…
And those who will need a caregiver.”
~Rosalynn Carter

Always check this site for helpful articles and useful cost saving tips in the BLOG area. I will be posting about once a week, and will cover one of the main topics in the dropdown menu from the BLOG tab—always with the intention of ultimately saving TIME and MONEY.  At times, I will   simply post something because I feel the information is important enough to stand on its own—especially regarding Health & Wellness.

Caring for a loved one can be all-consuming, leaving very little time to care for you.

Not having enough TIME and MONEY only adds to the stress, as many of you can easily relate from personal experience.  More than likely, you have wasted countless hours searching and calling for information to help you and your loved one—at the same time watching your bank account dwindle, because you didn’t know there were multiple untapped resources to help you.

What if you could change that… and what if it was quick and easy to do?

For starters, the “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!,”  addresses these issues, by providing needed resources to programs, services, and products—many of which are FREE, often hard to find, and will literally save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year!
(Please learn more about the book by clicking “THE BOOK” tab above or clicking here to go to the book page).

For those of you who already own a copy of the book, thank you so much for all your positive feedback.

You have already experienced the positive impact these resources have had on your life, and how important they have been to you and your loved ones.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people tell me: “I wish I had this when I was a caregiver for my mom (or dad, or other loved one)”…

My answer is always the same… “ I wish I had this book myself when I was a caregiver!”

With that said, and knowing how many of you returned to purchase additional copies for family and friends—I wanted to do something very special for you.

I would like to offer FREE shipping when you order more than one copy. No matter how large an order you place—your shipping is FREE when delivered to the same U.S. address.

This offer is only available through this website. It’s my way of saying thank-you in advance for helping to make this book available to as many people as possible.  Knowing you have played an important part in potentially changing someone’s life with a valuable resource tool—is a kindness that will not be forgotten by those you have shared it with!

My personal goal is to have every family in America own a copy of this Resource Guide.  Not because I wrote it, but because the need for this information was so great—it had to be written!

Using only one resource from the book, will quickly return your investment many times over!

Having walked in your shoes for over a decade, and caring for two bedbound parents—I know it’s not easy! I know what you are going through, and how difficult it is to find what you need quickly and easily—while at the same time watching your pocketbook!

So don’t waste a minute longer deciding!

Every day without knowing the information this Resource Guide provides—is like throwing money out the window. You will learn how quickly your life savings can disappear, simply because you weren’t prepared, or weren’t totally informed of your options and where to find them.

Speaking of being prepared… as a special added bonus, I would like to send you a FREE copy of my “Quick Start Guide for Caregivers,” with your purchase.  This bonus will be sent directly to your email, and provides a comprehensive list of what you can start doing immediately, while waiting for your books to arrive.  Many of the issues you will need to consider aren’t often considered from the onset—so having this Quick Start Guide in advance, will easily put your mind at ease, knowing what to anticipate.

Only by purchasing directly from this website, will you be able to obtain both the FREE shipping, as well as the FREE Quick Start Guide…so take advantage of this opportunity without wasting another minute.

And there is something more I would love to give you!

One of the most requested resources most caregivers also wanted and needed, have to do with finding FREE Respite Care. Knowing how important this is for a caregiver’s survival, I have compiled a comprehensive list of programs and services that provide FREE Respite Care Options (including direct links to their websites)—which will help tremendously when you feel burnt out, stressed, or simply need a break. Just fill in your name and email in the area provided in the upper right hand corner of this page and this list will be sent to your email—FREE of charge.

So act now, before another day passes. Can you really afford not to?

Most importantly, don’t forget to take care of yourself!  Having viable resources available at your fingertips is one way to do this. You will then be able to better care for those you love.

Thanks for visiting!

May your life be blessed with cherished memories, and JOYfilled days.

You are providing a tremendous service by helping those you care about.  Always remember that!

With love and gratitude,