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Dr. Camille Superson

Dr. Camille Superson

Dr. Camille Superson began her professional career as a Registered Pharmacist after obtaining her degree from the University of Michigan.

After working in hospital and retail environments for many years, she returned to school, and became a Doctor of Chiropractic (National College of Chiropractic, Illinois)—bringing together the best of both worlds—with emphasis on the whole person approach  to health and healing.

With that concept in mind, she opened Health Concepts—the first comprehensive wellness clinic in the Chicago metropolitan area. She incorporated a myriad of holistic practices in her clinic— years before they were as widely recognized and accepted as they are today.  Some of these modalities included:  therapeutic massage, colonics, detoxification programs, dark-field microscopy, acupuncture, meditation, allergy testing, traditional and non-traditional laboratory testing and analysis, nutritional counseling, gluten-intolerance awareness, and the body-mind connection.

She was a true visionary and pioneer in the field.

She is also a gifted speaker who shared her knowledge at various health expos and conferences throughout the United States, including the Whole Life Expo, the National Health Federation, and the Tri-Unity Wellness Conferences. She has been a workshop facilitator and teacher at numerous conferences and events (including her own)—and has shared her passion for writing as a guest article writer for an alternative holistic magazine.

After almost 16 years as the owner and director of Health Concepts—life drastically changed when she became the full-time caregiver to both of her parents.  This new role became all encompassing, and spanned over a decade.  As she struggled to find FREE or low-lost programs and services to help her parents, she realized how much time and energy was being wasted searching for this information—often with little or no results to show for her efforts.  This did not account for the thousands of dollars that were also wasted, because government agencies did not provide all the valuable information that could be of assistance.

She was fortunate to discover a handful of additional, extremely important resources that were provided by a total stranger and a family friend (who was relentless in her searching).  Many more resources were discovered as Dr. Superson began researching for additional help and information to assist families.

After the deaths of both parents, part of her mission became very clear—the need to bring this information to fellow caregivers in a quick and easy-to-use format.  She knew firsthand how quickly a life savings can disappear, simply through lack of knowledge as to what is available.

Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers

Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers:
Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!

With the completion of “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!,” —this part of her mission was accomplished.

She continues to help caregivers and non-caregivers alike, find the resources they need to make their life easier and more stress-free.

Dr. Superson is available to speak to your group, business, or organization—and will provide the tools needed to help caregiver families.

When family caregiver stress is diminished—through action plans, strategies, and viable resources in place to help—the challenges of caregiving become easier, and everyone wins.