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The Essential Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME…Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!

The main purpose of “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME…Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!,” is to provide as many FREE, nearly free, or deeply discounted products, services, and programs that will be needed and used every day—by both caregivers and non-caregivers alike.

It provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions as to where to look on specific websites, the actual names of very specific programs and services personally needed and required, who to contact, and what to ask for regarding many government, non-profit, for-profit, and community-based programs, services, and products. Most people don’t know many of these resources even exist.

Searching for these resources can often be tricky, because the names of the programs are often quite different than what you would think to ask for—making them even more difficult to locate and find what you’re looking for.

You will learn where to find FREE respite care, food (not food stamps), eyeglasses, prescriptions, service animals, vehicle license plates, minor home repair services, help with chores, and so much more.

You will even learn how to receive CASH for caring for a family member!

“The services and programs revealed in the book are astounding. I only wish I knew about them earlier when I struggled as a caregiver to my mother; alone and with no support. I had no idea how much was available to me. This book is a MUST for any caregiver. Thank you Dr. Superson for the intensive research required to make this book possible. It will help so many.”
Dr. Mary Meadows, Naturopath, Teacher, Author, Phoenix, AZ

The BEST part is… All the work is already done for you!

These products, services, and programs are brought right to your doorstep in minutes—from the comfort of home—no matter where you live in the United States.

No more wasting precious time and money looking for what you absolutely need.

It also includes other incredible and useful tips, information, and suggestions that can be life-changing and help make your caregiving experience more stress-free.

So simply hit the ADD TO CART button under the book image or click here, and the books will be sent directly to your home.

As a SPECIAL ADDED BONUS, you will also receive a seven page Quick Start Guide for Caregivers, which lists everything you can begin doing immediately, while you wait for your books to arrive. It will be sent directly to your email, when you place your order.

Enjoy the treasures that await you!