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Did you ever need a telephone number, and not be able to find it quickly and easily? Did you ever miss an important event, because you misplaced the flyer or invitation?

Here’s something that worked for me over the years. Yes, I still use this system, and STILL find it incredibly useful… PLUS the information is out-of- sight and easy to access!

Think about all of the numbers you use frequently throughout the year…

  • Your grocer
  • Your vet
  • Your doctor
  • Your bank
  • Your pharmacy
  • Your mechanic
  • Your place of worship
  • Your library
  • Your tax person
  • Your neighbor(s)
  • Your snow removal guy
  • Your whatever…

Believe it or not, there are still large groups of individuals who do not have elaborate cell phones, or other digital devices to store data. If this sounds like you might be one of those individuals, then this post is especially for YOU!

Yes, you can write all the numbers in a bound spiral phone book.
Yes, you can store them on your computer.
Yes, you can put them in a binder.
Yes, you can put them in a business card holder.
Yes, you can also store them in a smart phone—and many other places, for that matter…

But for the important numbers you use frequently—or for important events you want to keep track of—here is a simple and effective way to access the information quickly without losing it.


Take the business cards, telephone numbers, flyers, or schedules of important events… and with a piece of transparent tape—attach them to the inside door of your kitchen cabinet.

That’s it!

Simple as that…

For seniors, the disabled, or those that have very basic cell phones without elaborate storing capabilities—this little “card / flyer on the inside cabinet door” system works all the time.

The examples below will give a few visuals as to how the items would look on the inside of your cabinet door…

Trust me! This works!!!  And even with a cell phone, this system is often quicker and easier. Another photo with the same thought in mind (using a corkboard instead of transparent tape), is shown below, & also a great idea if you want to avoid tape, and use push pins instead!

Great for upcoming events, business cards, and flyers you don’t want to lose track of! I have combined both cards as well as upcoming events to my behind-the- door cabinet. Important dates are never lost or forgotten!

Examples of cards on the left, and misc. ‘stuff’ on the right.

Page-2-Image-1 (1)Page-2-Image-2 (4)

Another example below:
Here is another way to keep track of other small items of importance!