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Sample Interview Questions

Dr. Camille Superson
Author of: “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers:
Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!”

  • So tell me… How did this book come into being, and what made you write this book?
  • How did you find these resources?
  • You mentioned many of these resources are FREE—Can you give us a few examples?
  • You mention 30% of caregivers DIE before the people they care for. How can they prevent this from happening to them?”
  • Caregivers are often so stressed out.  They often don’t have the money to pay for extra help.  You mention they can receive FREE respite care to help them out.  How can they get this service?
  • Family caregivers provide $470 BILLION in unpaid help every year.  Is there any way family members can get paid?
  • The cost of prescriptions is often cost prohibitive to people, even if they have prescription coverage through insurance. You mention that there are various places to receive prescriptions for FREE.  Tell us how.
  • Many people don’t have enough money for food, and many don’t qualify for food stamps or other food assistance. You mention they can still receive FREE food, in spite of that.  Please tell us how.
  • You mention that people can get FREE license plates.  How is that possible?
  • I think this will surprise a lot of people. You said that people can receive FREE help with minor home repairs. Tell us how.
  • You mention that many emotional or physical conditions qualify for FREE service or companion dogs, yet people don’t know they may qualify.  Can you mention a few of the conditions that may qualify?
  • We hear so often that many of our veterans are having difficulty obtaining many of the benefits they are entitled to.  Is there any additional help or assistance they may not be aware of, to help them obtain these benefits?
  • You said that caregivers lose up to 3/4 MILLION dollars over a lifetime.
    How can they stop this from happening … and actually make money instead?
  • You mention that 40% of female caregivers live in poverty after caregiving. That’s a HUGE number. What can women do to prevent this from happening?
  • Death is a topic people don’t like to talk about, yet happens every day—especially when caring for an elderly parent or relative. Funerals are so expensive…any suggestions to help families in that area?
  • You mention that adult children may be held responsible for their all their parents’ outstanding bills. Is this a new law that they aren’t aware of?  I never heard of this.
  • What would be the one most important thing you want to tell our audience?

To Schedule an Interview, Contact Dr. Camille at (630) 888-2895

Testimonials for book-Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers

“The services and programs revealed in the book are astounding. I only wish I knew about them earlier when I struggled as a caregiver to my mother; alone and with no support. I had no idea how much was available to me. This book is a MUST for any caregiver. Thank you Dr. Superson for the intensive research required to make this
book possible. It will help so many.”
Dr. Mary Meadows, Naturopath, Teacher, Author

“Amazing Resource Guide that will no doubt save you time and money! All the research has been done, with easy to access links right at your fingertips. Free products, services and programs are available to people if they only knew where to look. This guide is easy to use and can benefit Caregivers, Hospital Case Managers, Social Workers, Seniors, and Veterans.”
Judy McTaggart, RN, BSN, CCM

“This Resource Guide helped me through to the last days of my father’s life. It has truly been a blessing, and was like having your best friend at your side all along the way. Dr. Camille has poured her heart into this lovely book, offering the vital information necessary to provide the vast array of resources that helped me transform caregiving into a compassionate, loving art-form.”
Sarah Moore
New Mexico

“Dr. Camille Superson is a seasoned caregiver and professional who has taken the time to share the resources and ‘secrets’ she has discovered. No other book has everything you need in one convenient place… including websites, contact information, and what specific services to ask for. This book is priceless!”
Diane Carbo, RN

“This Resource Guide saves so much time and energy when searching for needed information. It is well compiled, deeply thought out, and well organized. The programs, services, and products can easily save thousands of dollars every year—in addition to ways to be paid while caring for a family member. Not knowing what is available, what to ask for, or who to even talk to, can be overwhelming and stressful. Having this Resource Guide has been a blessing beyond words. If you don’t already own a copy, you will wish you had! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you again!”
Juliana Olague, Experienced Caregiver
New Mexico

“I have known Camille for over 25 years. We have compared notes over the years on the subject of caregiving, as we both cared for ailing parents.  I only wish I had this book at that time, as it would have made life so much easier. Her book gives every important resource a caregiver will need. Not only are there resources for the one being cared for, but for the caregiver as well. I couldn’t believe how many free or low cost services are available. This book is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who is caring for an elderly parent or a disabled child or adult. If only I knew then what I know now!”
Donna Czubernat
New Mexico

“I have an aging parent who will need my help very soon. I had no idea what steps to take, who to call, or what to ask for. The thought of having to do any of this, was overwhelming. In my experience, it has always been the questions I did not know to ask, that lead to poor decisions and actions. Having all the information in one convenient place, with quick, easy, and simple directions to follow—makes this book a MUST for any caregiver. I was surprised to learn how many of the programs and services are FREE—making it so easy to protect your time, your money, your health, and your emotional wellbeing. I am grateful to own a copy!”
Craig Quaglia, MTPT, LMT

“This Resource Guide is truly amazing and incredible. Dr. Superson has incorporated her practical—often humorous—time and money saving tips in a simple yet thorough guide. With easy, step-by- step instructions to obtain information FAST, any person can start saving money immediately. To say I LOVE IT is an understatement! I know so many people who can benefit from this information. People have no idea how many vitally important programs, services, and products are available they may not be aware of, or even considered. We’re talking THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS here!”
Jacque Zoccoli, Networking Coach, Collaboration Specialist

Press Release

Contact: Dr. Camille Superson
Phone: 630-888-2895

“How to Survive Family Caregiving Without

Thirty percent of caregivers die before those they care for.
With over 60 million caregivers in the United States, this percentage is staggering.

According to “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!,” ($24.97 from, a 268 page new book by Dr. Camille Superson (a former caregiver herself for over a decade), two of the most pressing concerns most caregiver families have to deal with involve TIME and MONEY, and the pending disappearance of both.

“Juggling family, a personal life, and a job you may have to quite while caring for your loved one can easily take its toll. Money always seems to be reallocated toward expenses or emergencies,” says Camille.

“I remember spending countless hours hunting and searching and calling for information that could help both my parents and me. I remember being frustrated when I received incorrect or limited information—and frustrated even more when a stranger offered important, cost-saving information that could have been suggested by any number of government agency personnel.”

She also recalls…“One of the biggest money robbers for me was discovering I overpaid over $13,000 for my mother’s briefs/diapers & more, when I could have received them FREE! Then there was the overpayment of almost $6,000 for two funerals because I did not know one simple strategy. Let’s not forget the thousands of dollars I overpaid for prescriptions, doctor visits, home repairs, property taxes and more, simply because I didn’t know there were multiple programs that could pay for them.”

Caregivers face these problems every day, and don’t know where to look for FAST solutions. There are so many viable resources available, yet caregivers simply don’t have the time to search for all of them.

“Where to look on specific websites, contact information, and the specific programs and services ask for are all provided for you. By using easy to follow, step-by-step directions, you will be able to bring up the information you will need (no matter where you live in the United States)—and right to your doorstep. These resources can easily save thousands of dollars every year, she further states.”

HOPE and solutions to this pandemic problem, are now available.

To order the new book, “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your Sanity!!!,” by Dr. Camille Superson, go to website, and place your order for $24.97 ( NO shipping on orders of two or more copies). With your order, you will also receive a FREE copy of “Quick Start Guide for Caregivers.” This Guide provides everything you need to know NOW, while you are waiting for your books to arrive. There is also a special ADDED BONUS you can only obtain from the website.